Try to be happy

"Good-bye," he said to the flower.
But she did not answer him.
"Good-bye," he repeated.
The flower coughed. But not because she had a cold.
"I've been silly," she told him at least. "I ask your forgiveness. Try to be happy."
He was surprised that there were no reproaches. He stood there, quite bewildered, holding the glass bell in the midair. He failed to understand this calm sweetness.
"Of course I love you," the flower told him. " It was my fault you never knew. It doesn't matter.  But you were just as silly as I was. Try to be happy...Put that glass thing down. I don't want it anymore..."
"But the wind..."
"My cold isn't that bad...The night air will do me good. I'm a flower."
"But the animals..."
"I need to put up with two or three caterpillars if I want to get to know the butterflies. Apparently they're beautiful. Otherwise who will visit me? You'll be far away. As for the big animals, I'm not afraid of them. I have my own claws. " And she naively showed her four thorns. Then she added, "Don't hang around like this; it's irritating. You made up your mind to leave. Now go."
For she didn't want him to see her crying. She was such a proud flower...

---"The Little Prince" IX