Run! Emily, Run!

I do remember the very late night in Tel Aviv.
We a group of friends planned to take the taxi back to Jerusalem.
Most of the fellows jumped into the taxi in a minute. When I found it, I was the only one still in the street. I planned to take the last one, but there were already 4 passengers inside. And then, I heard one male fellow told me out loud, "Run! Emily, Run!." And the next minute, I ran to another taxi and finally safely back to Jerusalem with other fellows.

Last time I went to Tokyo, I crossed the street with an author. The traffic light was changing from green to red. The Japanese author said, "Run!, Emily, Run!"

After I started to run, unexpectedly I got a "runner" image in my friends.
And then, I run, run and run...
When I am tired after work, I run. It makes me forget about the hard time in book sales.
When I am confused at something, I run. It makes me think clearer during the continual running circles.
When I am crying, I run. My tears and sweat combine together.
When my miss is too deeply, I run. It makes me slow down the feeling.
When my heart beats too strong, I run and run. And my heart beating will be stronger to play havoc with my thoughts to think it is because of running.

I run when I hesitated. I run when I am sad. I run when I am happy. That's why I run.

Running is like a man who is always waiting for Godot. No matter how far we run, we will always go back to the start point. Maybe we are waiting for someone. Maybe someone will never come.